just What papers did he offer? Who was simply the agreement with? The 6.5 mil agreement been there as well. Whom signed the agreement documents? Appears like my guy.

just What papers did he offer? Who was simply the agreement with? The 6.5 mil agreement been there as well. Whom signed the agreement documents? Appears like my guy.

My man states his title is Steve Hampton from Wyoming. Additionally requires $5000 for gear. States he can not access their records. He could be on a ten dollars million task. Claims he could not hurt me personally, retiring following this work. Additionally stated he did not wish my cash but delivers me sound communications of himself crying. Sent me a fake passport.

Does he have your pet dog, and a son planning to school in Texas are you able to please deliver me personally a photo appears like somebody i have already been speaking with for 1 . 5 years From Norway

Is he dark haired? Son known as Kenny in Wichita Falls, Tx? He’s taking care of rig in Rania. I accused him to be a scammer and told him of he asked for $$ i am gone.

I am conversing with one guy of the description. He’s got gorgeous grey hair and it is looking to get me to start a bank-account to deliver me personally cash and so I can deliver it to their child. I am like nope. a great deal nope.

Can somebody deliver me personally a photo my pal is speaking with anyone who has a few of the story that is same it simply appears to advisable that you be real.

Yes, much like my man. 60 yrs old, nice blue eyes and salt and pepper locks. Often wears cups. Met on Instagram but he recently took it straight down. Started calling himself Prince Alex. Sound familiar to anybody

We dropped for a scam similar to this years that are several happily i obtained dubious prior to the ask for cash arrived up..but it did fundamentally. Which means this right time i knew whenever it began. This dudes name is Daniel Depiero Williams claims he lost his spouse and children in a motor automobile wreck 8 years back. He’s in love beside me from my photo we now have just been emailing for some times but he’s coming on quite strong. Also view the changing times in your email messages he said i’ll dream of you all and will write again in the morning night. The writing ended up being provided for me personally at ten thirty am. Does not accumulate

are you experiencing pictures with him can we share photos?

The facts because of the hair that is grey? We should all are scammed by the exact same man.

Exact exact Same man in which he is blackmailing me personally now

I have already been scammed by way of a man that is handsome breathtaking grey locks called John Giovanni. We actually had movie chats on Hangout also it appeared as if their picture. But, before I decided to do a google image and it turns out his profile pic is of someone on Twitter and his photo on the oil rig is photo-shopped using someone else in an oil rig uniform and his head since I had already been seriously scammed. Used to do all of this because after a couple of weeks of stunning texts, he asked me personally to purchase him an ebay card to purchase publications for work, but, he had currently explained which he had been retiring in December.

In a single image, is he putting on sunglasses searching over their remaining neck? One other pic could be horn rimmed glasses & he is looking on their mobile phone?

Is he using a yellowish top. Is he genuine buff appears like he calculates everyday. How do we share photos.

I’m additionally speaking with Mark Stevens. He works at oil rig in Romania. Arrived here through the United States Of America, where he had been developed, but initially he could be Vietnamese. Has two young ones: child is 15 and son is 9, if I’m not mistaken. He began speaking with me on Scrabble. We told that i’m hitched, he told that it is okay, we could be friends. Okay. Today he told which he really wants to check out me and my loved ones and requirements that we delivered a secondary page to their business. I have no concept what exactly is that. But he told that if i will be prepared to deliver it, he can provide me personally instructions. Oh, yes, their spouse ended up being carrying it out prior to. But she had been killed years that are several. I guess which he will require my individual information and one thing more. We stopped conversing with him.

can i also see an image with this man please i wanted to see if he could be e same man who’s wanting to attract me personally now

My cousin in legislation is conversing with a guy known as frank currently a doctor in afghanistan. Includes a son in an british boarding school. Can you send out me photos please.

Margaret: I do not understand if you’re nevertheless speaking with Mark, but i have already been speaking with him since April. He could be the scammer that is same. Extremely beautiful, extremely great at just exactly just what he does. He will not provide viable factors why he can not access his banking account therefore the huge amount of money he’s inside. Do not allow him talk you into wiring cash to bank reports he provides you with. He burned me personally for the great deal of cash. I’m sure he reaches your heart, but do not let him string you along.

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