Our home games are held on our sports fields' cricket ground, while our away games are held on November 2023 the sports fields of the opposing college. We play several friendly matches. These include games against visiting business teams as well as the highly anticipated Students. All of these games are held on our own sports fields.


The college offers ample facilities for sports and games. The college kabaddi teams have been proving their excellence in various – State, National, and District Levels competitions. Our students are played.

Volley Ball

As a major fall sport, the college volleyball season corresponds roughly with the fall semester of college, with the final championship games being played in the latter half of December.

The term college volleyball is most often associated with the 12-person indoor variant rather than beach volleyball.


students are provided opportunities to participate in various games and sports such as table tennis, chess, kabaddi, volleyball, basketball, cricket, Badminton, football, basketball, Athletics, Kho-Kho, etc.

The college seriously promotes the participation of students in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. The college has a regular Sports Officer among our faculty, and sufficient outdoor and indoor games facilities within and outside the campus.

In month of november2023 sports events are conducted with indoor and outdoor games

All the students participated IA large group winners are in all the sets of games winners are awarded with models.


S.No Type of Game Participants Year Staff Incharge Name Student Volunteer Name
1. Table Tennis Sadiya Bsc (N) 4th Year Mrs. Kaveri & Mrs. Vasantha Ms. Manjula & Ms. Josina
2. Table Tennis Mincy moncy
Sona jain
Lija bijay
Varsha k
Bsc (N) 3rd Year Mrs. Kaveri & Mrs. Vasantha Ms. Manjula & Ms. Josina
3. Table Tennis Namitha Raj
P. Priyanka
Bsc (N) 2nd Year Mrs. Kaveri & Mrs. Vasantha Ms. Manjula & Ms. Josina