MNR College of Nursing Committees

The Following are list of committess

  •  Academic Council
  •  Curriculum Committee
  •  Admission/Selection Committee
  •  Anti-Ragging Committee
  •  Staff Welfare Committee
  •  Staff Development Committee
  •  Library Committee
  •  Student Welfare Committee
  •  Grievance Committee
  •  Evaluation Committee

Academic Council

The academic body of the College and is responsible for the maintenance of standards of instruction, education and examination within the College from KNRUHS, INC and TSNMC.


  • Mrs. Sobhana O J, Principal
  • Dr. Syed Ali Gulabjan, Professor

Curriculum Committee (PRINCIPAL):

Admission/Selection Committee:

Admissions committees are made up of admissions staffers - College faculty whose is to assess each applicant and decide whether or not he or she is a good fit for acceptance for admission in Nursing.


  • Mrs. Uvarani, Professor
  • Mrs. Vani, Assistant Professor
  • Mrs. Vasantha, Tutor

Anti-Ragging Committee:

Anti-Ragging Squad to be nominated by the Head of the Institution for maintaining vigil, oversight and patrolling functions and shall remain mobile, alert and active at all times.


  • Ms. Ruth Mercy Sumitha, Associate Professor

Staff Welfare Committee Member:

Mrs. Srilatha, Professor

Staff Development Committee:

Mrs. K. Janaki

Library Committee:

Library committee is all the journals and latest publication

Student Welfare Committee

Grievance Committee:


  • Mrs. Kaveri
  • Ms. Ruth Mercy Sumitha

  • Evaluation Committee:

    Students are evaluated fort night internal examinations in theory and practical examinations by following various methods of evaluations.